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Vanilla Crème Brûlée                          $7

Our Chef's house-made French custard with

Tahitian vanilla beans and a crunchy caramelized

sugar top

Bourbon Apple Pie                              $7

Chef's twist on an American classic. A crumb topped

apple pie infused with Jim Beam bourbon and spices

Vanilla Cheesecake                        $6.50

New York style cheesecake offered with a rich

chocolate or raspberry sauce

Opera Cream Cake                            $8

Our Chef's house-made double chocolate cake

filled with rich vanilla opera cream, covered in 

dark chocolate and white chocolate rosettes

Carrot Cake                                      $8

Our Chef's house-made carrot cake includes carrots, 

spices, pure vanilla, covered with real cream-cheese 

frosting and fresh walnuts

Seasonal Deliciousness                       $7

Your server will advise you of this!

Menu subject to change

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